I have been a full-time magazine journalist since 1973. In November, 2006, I became senior editor of New Jersey Monthly, where my duties include overseeing food and restaurant coverage.

Earlier I was editor of special projects at
People, where I launched People Online in 1995 and produced single-topic issues or coffee table books on Princess Diana, the Windsors, Country Music, Women in Hollywood, the '80s, People's Favorite Pictures and other topics.

My articles have appeared in
Food Arts, Gastronomica, Discover, Departures, the New York Times, Connoisseur, Travel & Leisure Golf, Golf for Women, and other publications.

Here is my LinkedIn profile.

Here are links to recent stories, some of which I also

photographed, and to earlier ones that were milestones for me:


THE REVIVAL OF THE JERSEY OYSTER  A young entrepreneur stakes his future on a sustainable crop that cleans the water and, yes, tastes great.

SHELL GAME Scallop fishermen haul in Jersey's most valuable seafood crop. A day on the scallop boat Lucky Thirteen.

ON BECOMING BOGIESQUE My lunches with my diner-loving Uncle Alan. Or, how this restless food writer learned to relax and say, "I'll have the usual."

AGONY AND ECSTASY OF THE OUTMODED A short profile of artist Valeri Larko and
her paintings of hulking storage tanks, defaced factories and other industrial decay.

DON'T LET "TWO TRAINS" LEAVE WITHOUT YOU My response to a marvelous production
of August Wilson's "Two Trains Running" at Two River Theater in Red Bank, NJ.

JUST US TOQUES This team of Giants-loving chefs and food pros turn every Big Blue
home game into a culinary Super Bowl.

MANGIA! Why New Jersey has more Italian restaurants than any other kind.

BORN ON 9/11 For most people, the date September 11 had no particular significance before

that clear blue morning in 2001. For my family and our son, Michael, it had been a day of
joy since his birth on September 11, 1986. For the first anniversary of the attacks, I wrote
a story for the New York Times about how people with September 11 birthdays were dealing
with the date's epochal new meaning.

BACK TO WHERE IT ONCE BELONGED In 2006, the British Open returned to

Liverpool for first time since the Beatles were the toast of the town.

THE 25 BEST GOLF BOOKS EVER The definitive library of the great game's

greatest reads of all time.

WAGNER ON THE TEE Golf and Wagner's operas have much in common.
For starters, they both take too long and cost too much--but are worth it.

UP ALL NIGHT WITH HERBIE HANCOCK My 1987 People profile of the great jazz pianist.,,20095461,00.html

ELVIS COSTELLO GROWS UP My 1986 People profile of rock's prickliest songwriter as he
temporarily reverts to his birth name and tries a little tenderness.,,20093819,00.html

ON THE ROAD WITH U2 The transformative Irish band was at the peak of fame
in 1984 when I spent several days with them for People on their Unforgettable Fire tour.,,20090309,00.html

BASIE'S RIGHT-HAND MAN People was a different magazine in 1985, when I suggested
to managing editor Patricia Ryan that, following the death of Count Basie, the secret of
swing was to be found in the right wrist of the band's longtime rhythm guitarist, Freddie Green.
Pat sent me to Ohio to interview Green. That would never happen today.,,20090076,00.html

in a famous Roman Vishniac photo was identified as Nettie Stub, alive and well and living
in the Bronx, I wrote a brief article about their reunion for People. Meeting the great
photographer and his subject was an extraordinary experience.,,20087647,00.html

RUNNING THE MJQ'S GAUNTLET When the Modern Jazz Quartet reunited in 1983, I spent a week
on the road with them in England. I had written about jazz for years, and studied the
saxophone for most of that time. But they were suspicious of People and put me through
the wringer before finally opening up.,,20085361,00.html

REVISITING CRAIG CLAIBORNE'S LAST RAVE The last four-star rating Craig Claiborne gave before
he retired was to a little restaurant called the Dupuy Canal House, near Woodstock, NY, and its
innovative and idiosyncratic chef/owner, John Novi. I profiled Novi in 1983, in what might have
been my first food story.,,20198422,00.html